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Fanny began to explore aromatherapy early in her career. She received her aromatherapy qualification and became a member of the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA) after more than a decade of studying and researching about aromatherapy in France, the UK and Australia, all known for aromatherapy excellence.

Fanny has been studying aromatherapy since she was young and has obtained the internationally recognized British IFA aromatherapy therapist qualification. After more than ten years of study and research in the birthplace of aromatherapy in France, the United Kingdom, Australia, etc., she has obtained the professional qualification of aromatherapy, using aromatherapy. Natural therapies provide pure natural aromatherapy treatments for family, friends and other people in need, with remarkable results.
Aromanéa sources top-quality essential oils from France, Bulgaria and Australia, two places of origin known for the quality of their natural produce.

Aromanéa sources top-quality essential oils from France, Bulgaria and Australia, two places of origin known for the quality of their natural produce.

Fanny is highly sensitive to the aroma of essential oils and has a wealth of knowledge about the use and benefits of each type of oil. She uses these attributes to formulate aromatherapy and skincare products that meet individual needs. Aromanéa directly imports essential oils complete with EU BPF (Bioprocess Pilot Facility) and Organic certification. Aromanéa is able to distribute high-quality products. The products use ingredients comparable to skincare products of international big brands but are offered at tremendous value as there are no costly store fronts or advertising and promotion to deal with.

What Aromanéa customers say:

Top Quality

Committed to supplying essential oils and aromatherapy products of top quality


Superior Value

Great value for products that have ingredients comparable to revered brands at much more budget-friendly price levels.

All Natural

All products are made in small batches, using only 100% high-grade essential oils and natural preservatives to ensure they are fresh.

Our founder

Fanny applies her professional experience to evaluate each client’s specific needs before recommending a treatment course. Using special essential oil blends for aromatherapy massage, it is an all-natural way to enhance the well-being for all who want to achieve and maintain prime physical and emotional health.

Beauty is in all of us. All you need to do is bring out the glow, by blending in natural ingredients. Even a simple skincare routine will work magic if the skincare products contain only high-quality ingredients with no harmful chemicals or preservatives.
This is the principle that Aromanéa will swear by.

Join Fanny’s aromatherapy classes to get acquainted with the world of aromatherapy and how to get the most benefits from essential oils, through making facial masks, skincare products and other health-enhancing products. Dig deep into the natural healing properties of essential oils and experience the aroma of different essential oils personally. In these classes, you will be familiarised with a wide range of essential oils, including some uncommon or highly valuable ones such as Rose, Sandalwood, Neroli, Copaiba Balsam, Golden Rod, French Lavendar, Cistus, Lemon Verbena, Chaste Berry and Magnolia.
You can also learn to blend together different essential oils according to your personal preferences to make your very own formulations.
It will be a most useful way to care for the skin and the physical health of your loved ones.

Other than having 13 years of experience in aromatherapy, Fanny is also a highly experienced professional make-up artist. She has done make-up for show-biz artists and performers and has won awards in special-effect make-up competitions.
Fanny shares her professional knowledge on how to highlight the best features of your face, through demonstrations and hands-on practice that can easily be learned by participants with or without prior make-up experience.
Even make-up artists who want to level up their skill set will benefit from such classes and learn to use cosmetics practically to accentuate the best features of every face. Participants will get tips on how to choose cosmetics to minimise potential damage to the skin.

For the health of the family, learn how to use pure aromatherapy, prescribe the right medicine, cooperate with the correct massage techniques and techniques, and perform aroma massage for the family at any time to dredge the lymph, improve the health of the family, and make the young couple or parent-child relationship closer.
Massage for pregnant women and young children must have a certain understanding to avoid any adverse effects. Fanny will use professional knowledge and experience to explain in depth the details that must be paid attention to in related massages. All classes are small classes with only a few people. You are welcome to join regular courses, or form your own group to have your own dedicated courses.

Learn to use pure essential oil blends and correct massage techniques to bring health benefits to your loved ones through aromatherapy massage. Such massages not only hep to enhance the lymphatic system but also bring family members closer together. Massage for pregnant women or infants require specific techniques and knowledge so as to avoid any adverse effect. Fanny will share her professional knowhow and experience to explain all one needs to know about such delicate massage techniques. ​ ​ Fanny Cheung began delving into aromatherapy in 2005. She has obtained IFA aromatherapist qualification, and continues to travel to France, the UK and Australia to learn from other aromatherapy experts. She also connects with suppliers of high-quality essential oils in such visits to establish direct sourcing channels for ongoing supply of essential oils of assured quality. After learning from other aromatherapy professionals, she advances her knowledge and inject it into refining her aromatherapy blends.

Aromatherapy pays more attention to the quality of essential oils. Essential oils come from natural plants. The soil and climate of the place of production have a decisive influence on the quality of plants. The climate and soil of southern France and Australia have made the local wines and other natural products famous all over the world. Therefore, the aromatherapy essence extracted from locally grown plants is particularly good in quality. We specialize in purchasing pure aroma essential oils directly from reputable and reliable suppliers. Each essential oil has laboratory testing and BPF EU certification. We then use the essential oils selected under strict conditions to formulate a unique formula, and the process is meticulous.


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